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  • image of floodkit air brick cover with floodwater being used as a flood prevention product for airbricks
  • image of standard air brick that can be protected by floodkit air brick plate as a flood barrier
  • image of floodkit air brick cover used as a flood prevention product for airbricks

Airbrick Plate

  • Only £ 15.99 including 2 plugs for your air bricks and 2 threaded handwheels to secure your cover to the air brick
  • Click on the link below to purchase direct from Amazon

Product Description

Certified by BSI to PAS 1188:1-2014 under certificate no. 651934.

The FloodKit Airbrick Plate is an effective tool for preventing flood water entering a standard grid type air brick measuring 225mm x 75mm ( 9” x 3” ) commonly used in houses built over recent years.

standard airbrick

It is manufactured from Stainless Steel and features a 15mm EPDM rubber seal. It is easy to fit without the need for any tools and is fully reusable. The Plate is supplied with 2 x fixing plugs to be inserted into your air brick along with 2 x threaded hand wheels to allow easy fixing of your plate when you get the Flood warning.

Remember you must remove the plate after the floodwater has gone to allow your air bricks to ventilate your property. 



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