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FloodKit® Airbrick patches v’s Sandbags

FloodKit® Airbrick patches v’s Sandbags

Protecting air bricks against flooding with sandbags or not

Traditionally Sandbags have been the first and often only available emergency solution to prevent floodwater entering your home through your air bricks (often the first point of entry for floodwater with a  flashflood during the summer). However we all know they are limited in how effective they are at keeping water out, they are also heavy (15kgs when dry and even heavier when wet) difficult to carry and a real problem to store, deploy and dispose of after the flood.

Now consider the modern alternative – The FloodKit® Airbrick patch weighs only 150grams, that is 100 times less than the weight of a sandbag, it is self adhesive so will provide an effective barrier to prevent floodwater entering an air brick. It can be deployed simply and could even be posted through your letter box.

So perhaps now the question to ask your council is not can we have some sandbags but can we have some FloodKit patches.

Patches and other FloodKit products are available to purchase from Amazon

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