How to use airbrick patches in layers

Air Brick Flood Prevention Covers - Floodkit Airbrick Patches (pack of 2) Product

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Airbrick Patches prevent flood water entering air bricks. 
The FloodKit® Airbrick Patch is manufactured from a preformed high performance mastic tape. This special adhesive patch will form a watertight seal over the air brick to prevent flood water from entering your property through any size or shape of air brick, and can be used individually or in layers to form larger patches. A simple low cost product that forms part of an overall flood prevention solution for your property.

We recommend buying our Accessories Pack as well to help prepare the airbrick surface.      

Watch the video to see how simple they are to fit when you get the Flood Warning.

  • Only £ 14.99 for a pack of 2 Airbrick patches

  • Patches have passed the BSI standard: PAS 1188-1:2014 to prevent flood water up to 840mm high entering  your property.
  • Also available as a starter pack containing air brick and pipe patches, a roller, a wire brush, WallGuard and a roll of FloodTape for only £49.99

Product Description

  • The first adhesive patch for air bricks to pass a BSI standards test (PAS 1188:1-2014).
    • Airbrick patches manufactured in the UK from preformed adhesive mastic 300mm x 145mm
    • Suppled with a film backing for easy application
    • Can be used individually or in layers to form larger patches to cover double air bricks, tumble dryer vents , low level postboxes or cat flaps
    • Also available as multi packs with accessories for cleaning and preparing your brickwork
    • Remember to remove after the floodwater has receded to allow you air bricks to ventilate your property (or your cat to have freedom to roam).

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