The devices are easy to use and the videos on our website show how simply they are to fit. Please make sure that you test the fitting on a dry day before you need to fit any products when you get a flood warning. Remember be prepared be Flood Aware.

Some items in the kit are single use only, such as the Tape, Airbrick and Pipe patches and the U bend bag for the Toilet Stopper. All of the other items are capable of being used again and again. The FloodKit products are hard wearing and extremely durable. The Patches and Tape should be stored at room temperature to enable them to be applied correctly.

Replacement parts can be bought from our online shop.

If you are concerned about your house being vulnerable to flooding in your absence you can apply all of the devices before you leave. Alternatively you can fit the downstairs toilet and shower devices yourself and arrange with a neighbour to apply the Door panels and Airbrick protection should a flood actually occur.

If you have decided to remain in your property, you can still open and close your front door with the Door panels fitted. You should also prepare an emergency pack including torches details of what to pack into this are available from the National Flood Forum or your local council.

NO! Airbricks and overflow pipes should not be sealed until there is imminent risk of flooding, and removed immediately when the threat has passed. The videos show the correct time to apply individual devices around the house. Your Airbricks provide a valuable function in ventilating your property and should not be sealed unless a flood is imminent.


Between 2-4 days business days to arrive. We use Royal Mail and UPS.

7-10 business days for US orders. Packages will be sent tracked with UPS.

1-2 Items: £6.99

3-5 Items: £9.99

6+ Items: £12.99


10% off all orders over £100.

We ship all of our products to the UK.

We only ship the Toilet Stopper, the Shower Protector and their replacement parts to the US.


We allow returns and exchanges up to 14 days after your purchase date. Contact us via email to start a return or exchange.