About Us



The FloodKit® Concept is to provide effective affordable and easy to use flood defence for your home or business.

First; it is clear that there are millions of people in the UK who could benefit from affordable flood defence. There are products in the marketplace which offer flood protection of course, but they tend to address specific problems, such as a door or an airbrick, rather than the whole range of potential water ingress points confronting the average householder, and they are too expensive to attract a large proportion of the people who need them.

In addition, it is obvious that, in a situation where a neighbourhood is threatened by a sudden flood emergency, there will only ever be one way in which the majority of properties may be protected and that is if each householder is able to protect his own property. No government body could hope to deploy enough resources fast enough to compete.

The FloodKit® concept is to empower the householder to protect his own home by equipping him with the flood defence tools to do that at an affordable price. The kit is designed to provide a complete and comprehensive set of flood defence products for use by a householder in an emergency. The products have all been rigorously tested, are easy to use and proven to work at least as well as many far more expensive items currently on the market. Taken together with the advice offered to homeowners in our videos, they help identify all of the things that he may do to improve his chances against flooding.

Whilst the concept was originally designed with individual householders in mind, there is no reason why local authorities should not also benefit. FloodKit door and airbrick products are not only easier to handle and considerably more effective than sandbags, they are also cheaper!

In summary, The FloodKit® Concept is about educating people to make them aware of what they could be doing to help themselves, together with providing a comprehensive kit of flood defence products at an affordable price which can ensure that although floods cannot be eliminated, their effect on the lives of ordinary people can be significantly reduced!