Toilet Flood Overflow Stopper Product - Floodkit Toilet Bung for Flood Prevention

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Protect your home from flooding today. Affordable solutions to prevent flood water entering your property.

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FloodKit's products have passed the 2014 BSI standard for flood protection products: Kitemark PAS1188-1:2014

The result of years of sophisticated design and extensive research, FloodKit® offers a complete range of affordable, easy to use property level protection products to provide flood protection for your home or business against the dangers of flooding. FloodKit have worked closely with the innovation and technology department at The University of Central Lancashire to develop and test the complete range of flood protection products.

What Our Customers Say


Floodkit's products worked great against a flash flood. The products were quick to deploy and our home was made watertight.

Andrew Taylor

Yorkshire, UK


I ordered some patches for air bricks too close to the ground to be able to use anything else. I am impressed, they are thick, sturdy, robust and very sticky. Perfect!

Diane Burgoine



Affordable products that work perfectly. Well worth the money!

Ian Rubin

Canvey Island, UK


Our bungalow is now completely protected with Floodkit's products.

James Oakes

Salcombe, Devon, UK


Prevented water coming through our two doors and low airbricks.

Sally Bates

Somerset, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy are the products to use?

The devices are easy to use and the videos on our website show how simply they are to fit. Please make sure that you test the fitting on a dry day before you need to fit any products when you get a flood warning. Remember be prepared be Flood Aware.

How durable are these products?

Some items in the kit are single use only, such as the Tape, Airbrick and Pipe patches and the U-bend bag for the Toilet Stopper. All of the other items are capable of being used again and again.

Should I apply all of the butyl patches as soon as I buy the kit?

NO! Airbricks and overflow pipes should not be sealed until there is imminent risk of flooding, and removed immediately when the threat has passed.

Where do I get replacement parts from?

Replacement parts can be bought from our online shop.

How long does delivery take?

Between 2-4 days to arrive. We aim to send orders made before 11AM on the same day. We use a 24hr courier service with DPD and Royal Mail.

Where do you ship to?

Currently UK only