Shower Protector
Shower Protector
Shower Protector
Shower Protector

Shower Protector

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Additional adhesive mastic rings

Floodkit® Shower tube is an ingenious tool for preventing flood water entering via a downstairs shower.

The FloodKit® Shower Tube protects downstairs showers or baths from sewage surge during a flood. You should not block any pipes coming from your Shower or Bath as these may have simple push-fit connections under your floor which would then be at risk of bursting in the event of a flood. So the Shower Tube allows water to rise into its body whilst being safely contained during a flood.

Watch the video to see how simple it is to fit when you get the Flood Warning.

  • Floodkit® Shower tube is an ingenious tool for protecting a downstairs shower or bathroom from floodwater.
  • Due to the simply push fit connections that may be under your shower tray it us not advisable to block the waste trap as this may cause the fittings under your floor to burst

  • The shower tube allows floodwater to rise and fall within its body so that it it contained and does not overflow from a low level shower tray.

  • The dimensions of the base of the tube are:
    • 40mm [1.6"] Inner Dimension
    • 80mm [3.2"] Outer Dimension 

  • See Image for reference.

  • Please contact us direct if you have a larger outlet and we can supply an adapter to fit your shower.
  • Supplied with 2 x adhesive mastic rings and cleaning wipes to allow fitting to a standard shower waste trap. Replacements can be bought here Replacement Mastic Rings

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